Add Curiosity to Get More Clicks

You might not think of a tweet as a headline but it pretty much is if you are looking to get clicks.

Take this tweet from

Screenshot 2015-11-28 12.20.21

One of the things you want to try to get into every headline is a benefit and curiosity. If the person can read it and knows the answer then they have no reason to click or read further. I can read that and think, “Ok, better avoid Frontier.” Some people MIGHT think “I wonder if they rated my favorite airline, too” and click through but that is going to be miniscule.

It requires too much “connecting of the dots” for it to work.

So, let’s use the very simple guideline Headline = Benefit + Curiosity to spice up this tweet and get more readers for Forbes.

I’m going to reveal what I would do below… but, first, I want you to take a crack at it. How would you rewrite this Headline (tweet). You’ve got only 140 characters at your disposal.

[fruitful_tabs type=”accordion” width=”100%” fit=”false”] [fruitful_tab title=”Click to See My Rewrite of Forbes Tweet”]
  • This Airline Got a Horrendous 66% on Time Rate. Don’t Book Until You Read This
  • Holiday Travel Plans? If you book with THIS Airline Expect to Be Late 66% of the Time
  • Your Plane Will Land LATE 66% of the Time if You Book With This Popular Airline
[/fruitful_tab] [/fruitful_tabs]

Easy enough, right? Took me less than 5 minutes.

Now, those are pretty straightforward. We can spice them up by taking it a step further and going for some emotions that are caused by being late.

[fruitful_tabs type=”accordion” width=”100%” fit=”false”] [fruitful_tab title=”Click to See Some Emotion Added to The Forbes Tweet”]
  • Embarrassed and Annoyed! This Popular Airline Made His Family Wait Forever. What’s next, lost luggage?
  • Holiday Travel Plans? If you HATE sitting on the tarmac don’t book with THIS Popular Airline, you’ll be late 66% of the time
  • Forget happy, It’s Frazzled, Hungry, Tired Holidays. If you book with these guys your plane will land LATE 66% of the time
[/fruitful_tab] [/fruitful_tabs]

Pack a little more punch, don’t they? I can punch yours up, too. To book a free strategy session just click the button below.

Jason Bedunah

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