An Open Letter to Cosmetic Surgeons and Dentists Who want to Defy-Gravity 

From: Jason Bedunah

Date: February 8, 2018

Dear Friend,

Here's a curious story. It's not about YOU but it has a LOT to do with you, especially given what I recently discovered a few months ago. (More on that later). 

Here's the story: 

Around about 2008 a Cosmetic Dentist hired an Ad Agency to drum up some business.

 The Agency charged him $15,000 or something to create an ad for him which he then placed in a magazine. (Costing him another $15k or so). 

The ad was BEAUTIFUL. 

I don't have it here but it was two full pages. It showed a beautiful 25 year old woman with gorgeous, "movie star" white teeth. 

He placed the ad 

business is hard enough WITHOUT having money problems... so let's take care fo those by getting GREAT at marketing. Then, you can use money to solve some of those OTHER problems nipping at your heels. 

Like, “do all of the above and also write 3 blog posts and publish 2 videos a week (just for kicks)” productive.

Like, being the person about whom everyone wonders “how the f*ck does he/she do all that!?” productive.

Get on a 30 minute coaching call with me and together, we'll figure out the first steps for you to become, just, ridiculously productive.