Discover Your “Best Option” Marketing Plan


The panic and frustration strained his voice. This new prospect booked a consultation via my website shortly after he got a disturbing receipt in his email.

He just got whacked with a $1,932 bill from a major ad platform (I won’t name it here). He had taken a popular ad course promoted by one of the big “gurus” and decided to start his first campaign.

It wasn’t the right place to promote his product, the bids were way too high and his targeting was way off. But, the real mistake was that he missed a step in his setup so his ad campaign just ran and ran and ran.

He thought it would stop automatically once his budget had been used up.


Future Client: “$1,932! Is there anything I can do? Anyone I can call?”

Me: “It’s very rare that you can get your money back. But, if you write up the details and they see it was your very first campaign there’s a SMALL chance they’ll give you a reduction on what you owe.”

Naturally, he was dejected. To top it all off he got Zero sales.

The world of advertising can be daunting and very unforgiving if you do it wrong. It’s often hard even to know where in the world to start… Facebook? Google? Youtube? SEO? Direct Mail? Display Ads?

It’s a battle I face daily but it’s one that I consistently win. And, because I face it daily, over and over again, for a variety of Businesses and Entrepreneurs, the road to your “Best Option Marketing Plan” is very clear to me once I know a few details about your project and goals.

It can be rough when you don’t know what you’re doing, but… If you do it right, it can be like hitting the jackpot.

Just by knowing your product, your market and what you’re trying to accomplish I can line out your best option marketing plan very quickly.

If you book a short consultation call with me (just $99), I can line it all out for you. At the end of that call, if you don’t think I’ve significantly cleared up the situation and given you a great “Best Option For Your Circumstances Marketing Plan” you can ask for a refund, no hard-feelings, no questions asked and I’ll grant it immediately.

In fact, you won’t even have to ASK for it if you don’t want to. Simply go into PayPal and request it through their interface.

After you pay here, my office will contact you to schedule a time for your call.

Jason Bedunah