Recent study by microsoft reveals your prospect's attention span is now less than that of a goldfish

Here's how to make money anyway

​You Have a Mere 8 Seconds or Less to Capture Your Prospect's Attention... If you can do that, you'll prosper in this new environment of CONTENT OVERLOAD... if you can't, you'll disappear, drowned out by all the noise.

In this battle for attention, it’s YOU vs. EVERYBODY ELSE.

They’re attacking your prospect’s attention with a constant barrage of content every minute of every day.

Every single minute this battlefield produces:

  • 1400 new blog posts
  • 204 Million Emails 
  • 2.5 Million new shares on Social Media
  • 277,000 Tweets
  • and, 72 hours of NEW video on YouTube.

​Good luck trying to produce enough content to rise above all THAT noise! You simply haven't got the time or the resources.

While this seemingly endless barrage of content competes for your prospect’s attention… they can scarcely consume your best content without their cell phone dinging with a text, a Facebook notification beeping or an email notification sliding up on their screen.

This doesn’t even take into account all of the money, time and effort YOUR COMPETITION expends day in and day out to capture your prospect's attention before you do... so they can convince them you’re incompetent, overpriced or even borderline criminal.

All this ringing, dinging and beeping gives them an attention span less than that of a Goldfish!

This isn’t just theory… according to Time Magazine:

Every sales message I’ve ever seen requires much more than 8 seconds to get across. That means not only do you have to CAPTURE their attention, you have to KEEP it.


There’s only one way I know of…

Superior Strategy embodied by Superior Copy - executed flawlessly.

My name is Jason Bedunah and I’ve mastered the Art and Science of Capturing and KEEPING a prospect’s attention from the headline all the way down to the final P.S.

I gained this skill “in the trenches” – honing it in battle after battle fighting for some of the greatest Entrepreneurs on Earth. Some well-known industry juggernauts, others who were fresh faces looking to make a big name for themselves to gain Treasure of their own.

What Does Superior Strategy Consist Of?​

The first component is something unique about your product or service. It doesn't have to be earth shaking, patentable or completely NEW... but, it can't look exactly like everything else for sale on the market. There has to be something DIFFERENT about you, your company and hopefully your product.

Without that, you'll be forced to compete on price.

The second component, and most important, is...


This has to be something that rocks the person out of their normal, zombified internet attention and forces them to focus their attention, ALL of their attention, squarely on your message.

My Five Point Plan To Find Your Superior Strategy

Step #1: Find Customer Pain Points

There's little motivation for action until there's BOTH pleasure and pain. Most copywriters focus almost entirely on the Pleasure or Gain.

​But, without Pain there's no forward push.​

​By fully understanding and communicating the customer's real pain, I can show them they are understood and that understanding translates into BELIEF that your product or service has a great chance of alleviating that pain and leading to the Gain they seek.

Further, showing customer's you understand their pain shows you are NOT INDIFFERENT to their plight. This is important because ​a U.S. News and World Report survey revealed that 68% of customers who leave a company do so because they felt the company was INDIFFERENT to them.

Step #2: Do Quality Research

​Startling facts which your target customers care about provide one of the best ways of both capturing their attention and providing proof that you know what you're talking about. 

For example, I found this startling fact when researching the state of the medical industry for a holistic health practitioner client:

​“On May 14/2004, The Vancouver Sun reported the annual homicide rate in post-Saddam Iraq is 76 killings per 100,000 people. Statistically there are fewer people killed today in the war zone of Baghdad than there are in Canada by medical error. Therefore one can conclude it is safer to live in the war zones of Iraq than it is to go into a hospital in Canada.”

For a project teaching Dentist's how to improve their practice profitability, I found this startling fact:

“…they project that in the next 5-7 years, 80% of dental practices will have decreased in profitability.”

These are FACTS. Reported by reputable news sources. They are believable yet amazing so they jolt your prospect into paying attention. 

But, research is hard work and time consuming. Most copywriters won't do it and many just CANNOT afford the time it takes. Instead they jump right in and use hyperbole and exaggerated statements instead of attention-grabbing facts.

This makes their copy thin and shallow instead of dense, powerful and full of proof.

Dr. Tom Orent1000 Gems Publishing

I'd rather you not use him!

"This is a copywriter who KNOWS Direct Reponse Marketing. From the headline to the final P.S., he "gets" (has, and DELIVERS) what it takes to MOTIVATE the reader into action. I'd strongly recommend him... BUT, would rather that you NOT use him... so his KILLER COPY will be available for ME when I need him!"

Step #3: Create Your Superior Strategy

With a deep understanding of your target customers, thorough research of the industry and facts we then delve into creating a bridge from all that SPECIFICALLY to your product. We show that it is the exact solution they've been looking for.

This includes the overall framework of the Strategy from the initial capturing of the prospect's attention all the way until they pull out their credit cards and pay you.

After the Strategy is created we then move into filling in the framework with...

Step #4: Craft Your Superior Copy

Now, we get into crafting the message that is going to turn all of that research and strategy into powerful word images to convince those prospects to become clients.

It'll be hard hitting copy that captures their attention, lets them know you FEEL their pain and then proves with fact after fact and proof after proof that ​you can alleviate that pain and give them what they really want. 

But, after that, we're not quite done... there's one more step.​

Scott BolanMartial Mastery

This is the best xxxxing letter I've ever seen! WOW! It has me drooling and seeing dollar signs!

I think I will mail it, both email, and snail-mail, to the entire list.

Step #5: Split Testing to Improve Your Results Automatically

​When I'm crafting your copy I'm ALSO going to be creating several versions of it. Then, when the campaign starts real-world RESULTS will tell us which version of it is the winner. Different headlines, different openers, different guarantees, etc... can all create wide variations in results. 

You won't know without testing.

And, without testing them, you're GUARANTEED to be leaving money on the table. One of these variations might mean the difference between a mild success and a MONSTER winner.

​What Kind of Projects I Take On

I can do anything from rewrites of existing copy all the way to complete web-based funnels or direct response snail mail campaigns. I do space ads in journals, magazines and newspapers, too... but, please understand, I'm a direct response copywriter not a "branding" copywriter. This means the ads will be almost entirely text with only enough graphics or images to enhance the copy. 

Some of my best ads contain NO graphics whatsoever.​

I don't generally do very small projects like postcards or one-off emails unless they're for clients I've already done projects for in the past. 

If You Meet The Following Client Criteria, I'd Like to Give You A Full Strategy Session... FOR FREE

​For Free... Why?

It's really very simple. If you happen to meet the 5 Criteria listed below there's a very good chance we'll work together. But, even if we don't, there's a chance we will sometime in the future. Further, there's the possibility that your product or service might be a great fit for one of my client's lists or vice versa.

With possibilities like this it makes sense to talk... even if we don't end up doing a project together immediately.​

I do my absolute best work and provide the highest value for clients who meet the following criteria: 

  • Criteria 1: You run a quality operation, honor refunds and ship on time. (I don't care to be associated with sub-par or unethical operations.)
  • Criteria 2: You're not spending your last dime hoping and praying for a marketing miracle. It's too much pressure on both of us. I don't mind people being aggressive but if this is going to be the difference between you making rent next month or not, I suggest you wait until you have a bit more of a bankroll before embarking on a project like this.
  • Criteria 3: You can move fast and are the primary decision maker. Nothing kills a project like layers of management, thinking, multiple required approvals and "everyone gets a say." I like to move fast, make decisions fast and get the show on the road. 
  • Criteria 4: Your product or service can actually do what you say it can do and you have proof. 
  • Criteria 5: You have a marketing budget. No matter how amazing the copy, it won't work if no one sees it. So, you've got to get some eyeballs on it. That usually means you'll either already have a list, have great traffic to your site or you have a budget to purchase traffic.

To book your strategy session simply click the "Schedule Strategy Session" and pick from the available time slots. You'll get a confirmation email and a brief summary describing the types of questions I ask in case you want to do some preparation beforehand. 

​Until then, I hope you have an amazing day!

Jason Bedunah​