How to Automate Cold Email Prospecting to Land Clients Fast

Do you ever fall into this trap:

  • Prospect to get new business,
  • serve the new clients,
  • get so busy serving the new clients you forget to prospect,
  • income takes a nosedive,
  • start prospecting like mad to get new business!

I know I did for MANY years and it was nerve-wracking.

I’ve been using ‘Cold Email Prospecting’ to generate leads for client companies as well as my own business for several years now in a way that allows me to completely avoid that trap.

By using a quality list source like and you can have your cold emails drip out DAILY while you carry on with other work. This is important to keep the income flowing in and going up and up instead of having wild dips.

How Others Have Prospered from Cold Email Prospecting

Here are a list of high quality blog posts detailing how people have used cold email prospecting to land clients for their services.

I’ll list each blog post here along with brief salient notes I took from each one. At the bottom of this post I give a couple of tools that will make your foray into the process MUCH easier by using some automation.

If you are going to attempt this I suggest you read over each of the blog posts on the original blog in their entirety. Each one gives you exact steps, high quality insights and links to other tools.

How One Cold Email Landed Me A $15K Consulting Project

 wrote this on Aug 27, 2014

Goal: Marco’s goal here was to get new clients for his UX consultancy

Challenge: The challenge was to get QUALIFIED clients in terms of budget. For this Marco got VERY specific on who would be best for his services and created a useful template he could fill in.

Insights: Most important part of the process is really nailing who is best for your service and finding a way to find them en masse. This is likely to be time-consuming so Marco set it up in a way that made it easy to outsource.

Results: He got two highly qualified leads all the way to the proposal stage and got one of them engaged in a $15,000 contract. (Great results!)

Improvement: After the initial email was sent he had to manage the follow-up in Gmail. Future improvement would use a CRM to help keep things organized. (perhaps “Streak”?)

iris Shoor Profile PictureThe cold emails that got me meetings at Twitter, LinkedIn and GitHub by Iris of Takipi

(Unfortunately, the above link is no longer working. You might try But… you can also read this great roundup of cold emails that worked, too.)

Iris details the emails that got her meetings with high profile companies for her software start-up.

Goal: To get meetings with the right people at larger companies to adopt Takipi software.

Challenge: To find the right contact at the company. This appeared to be fairly time-consuming and included research on their blog, youtube, social accounts to find a contact person’s name. Then, another person utilizing Rapportive and a Spreadsheet to find that person’s most probable email address.

Insights: Iris did a great job of sharing her insights throughout the process which started at a 0% response rate and ended up at 30-40% meeting rate! I won’t list them all here because I really think you should read the whole post. But… here are a couple…

    • Use a super-focused subject line
    • Don’t talk a lot about yourself instead state why and how you can help them
    • Keep it short
    • Provide a call to Action

Results: After refining her process she gets a 40% response rate. (Awesome!)

Improvement: I’m not sure what could be improved! 40% is crazy good.

How to get a $3,000 monthly contract (with exact scripts) by Bryan Harris

Bryan Harris’ provides exact scripts, tools he uses and the 6 steps he has actually used and refined a bit. It is a great process to model and it worked.

Goal: Get clients for a $3k per month weekly video service for bloggers.

Challenge:  There didn’t seem to be any HUGE challenges. He had to use a similar email finding process as other cold emailers (Rapportive with Email format generator). Overall, the value was high and targeting was good so he did well.

Insights: Be prepared to spend more time on these leads. It is a fairly high-dollar amount with a monthly commitment.

Results:  “4 of the 6 people I have sent the proposals to have opened them and half have clicked through to watch the [proposal/sample] video.”

Improvement: Parts of the process could be outsourced to save time. Other than that it is great results.

Several Other Great Cold Email Prospecting Blog Posts:

How to Make Cold Email Prospecting Even Easier!

I did quite a bit of research on this and those three posts provide most of what you need and link to other great resources. I would, however, add the following things to your repertoire should you decide to try this out for your own sales.

1. Outsource the discovery of the leads BUT make sure you really nail the WHO as best you can. (You most likely will need a couple of iterations on this aspect to get it perfect). I used LimeLeads for a client project (targeting Realtors) and I was satisfied with their timeliness and communication. From their website: “Every email list is custom and made-to-order. You give us keywords, we give you email addresses.”

In MOST cases a couple of keywords isn’t likely to be targeted well enough. In that case, you will need a more involved process using additional information sources like Marco’s.

2. Consider using along with to automate sending the emails and follow-up sequences. I have QuickMail setup to send 50 emails from my prospect list per day and to follow-up 2 days later with anyone who doesn’t answer.

The goal is to get in contact with the leads NOT spend all of your time sending out emails and digging around trying to find out who to respond to and who to follow-up with.

3. Use a CRM that integrates with your email program to keep track of the responses. I am using “Streak” for Gmail in Chrome.

Read what OTHERS are doing on  – I got quite a few ideas from reading the blog posts about how others have used the tools there.


Jason Bedunah

P.S. If you attempt this or you have ALREADY embarked on your own cold emailing process let me know about it in the blog comments!

Jason Bedunah

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