(For Freedom Seekers)

Still here?


Now, I don't want to give you the wrong impression. Long-Haul doesn't mean SLOW. 

You can start earning real money as a copywriter very quickly. The reason: Business Owners are STARVED for copywriting. 

Or... if you want to build your own money making business then copywriting skills will put you WAY ahead of the pack. (I do both: write copy for others and have nice little side businesses!)

I'm going to teach you a few things that would have MASSIVELY sped up getting to those Four Freedoms... one of them is so simple I can't believe it took me SO LONG to implement it. 

You want to know what that is NOW instead of waiting?

Ok. Ok. Since you've read this far, here it is: 

Don't do one-off work, instead sign business owners up for MONTHLY programs. 

Don't write an auto-responder series, get paid for it once and then wonder where you're next project is going to come from. 

No. No. NO!

That'll get you a first class seat on the "Money Boom & Bust Roller Coaster!" 

Take the autoresponder gig and ADD a monthly email program to it. "Ok, Mr. Businessman, I'll write that initial grounding Autoresponder for you THEN every week I'm going to write and send another killer email to your list. The autorepsonder series is $y,yyy and the monthly emails are $yyy each month. It'll keep your list fresh and continually buying from you!"

Simple, right? 

Let's say because you're starting out you charge only $1950 for the 7 Email Autoresponder Series and you're really generous and do the monthly email program (1 email a week) for $950/month.

And, if you follow my systems for writing emails those are going to take you about 30 minutes EACH. The hourly rate would be, conservatively, $475. 

Yes, PER HOUR. (I charge, and routinely get, A LOT more than that).

If I'd have thought of that early in my career I'm convinced I'd have a yacht AND a private plane right now. (And, I'm NOT kidding. -- You're a lucky dawg knowing it this early in your career, you know it?)


So, what else will help you evaluate if this Tribe is for you?

Work ethic. 

You've got to do the "drills" to get the "skills" is what one of my old teachers used to say. 

And, he's right. That's tough to swallow for a person like me. I naturally resist too much structure and doing a bunch of drills when I could be reading by the pool doesn't sound great to me.

I feel constricted by routines. Hell, I don't even like to have stuff on my calendar. It annoys me to have to be somewhere or doing something at a specific time.

I want FREEDOM. 

So, I use focused structure to gain more freedom. I know if I "do the drills" and create systems and procedures and if I structure things a bit more it results in more freedom. 

In Copywriting, I have tons of templates, checklists, rules of thumbs, sample letters, etc... why? Because I know it helps me write FASTER with higher QUALITY which translates into 3 and 4 day weekends where I do NO work at all. 

(I'll be sharing those templates and stuff with you if you become part of the tribe). 

Do you feel somewhat constricted working for "the man?"

Do you gaze out the window wishing you could go outside and maybe get a little bit of sunlight every now and then?

Does a 9-to-5 feel a little "prisony"?

It does to me. And, if  you're a good candidate for joining this little group of mine it probably does to you, too. 

You're not afraid of doing a little bit of hard work if you know it'll pay off in extra time, money and freedom, right?