How to create the 4 freedoms with Your own copywriting business


If you're here you probably responded to one of my cool (some say "garish") ads on Facebook or Adwords or the like. 

You want to learn copywriting? More importantly, you want to BE a copywriter? 

Ok, I can help you with that.

But, before we start this relationship, this journey, this adventure you should know a little bit more about it to make sure it's for you. 

It'll actually help both of us because what I'm doing here is creating a bit of a Tribe and I only want like-minded people in that Tribe. 

First off, I'm in this for the long haul. 

Everything about this Tribe is geared towards it. You won't be a Master Copywriter in just 30 days. Hell, it took me 10 years and a very stout track record before I'd even consider that title for myself and I still sometimes read copy by others and wish I could be "that good one day." (But, I started making great money LONG before that and you can, too.)

The Long Haul.

That's very important. With Super Fast Product Launches making their owners gazillions in a week... with Facebook ad crushing courses and Instagram Money Blasts, etc, etc, it's easy to lose focus. 

Copywriting is a SKILL. 

Skills require learning, practice, dedication, reflection and failures. 

Lots and lots of failures. 

But, successes, too... and the successes are much BIGGER than the failures. 

Yep, it's a skill. Yep, it does take dedication, practice, trial and error but it is very, very lucrative. And, I can't think of another skill that can reward one so handsomely with those Four Freedoms I keep on talking about.  (A refresher on those Freedoms: Time, Money, Location and Who You Associate With).

So, the first question is:

Are you looking for a Quick Hit Money Making Scheme or do you want to be a Copywriter? A real one. One that can charge $5,000 (or $10,000) for an advertisement?

I'm asking because those are two different birds. 

The quick hit birds need to fly over to a different flock.

Only long-haulers need apply.