- High Income, Flexible Schedule, Location Freedom! -

How to Create an Amazing Life as a Pro Copywriter - Without Struggling -  Even If You've Never Made a Single Dollar as a Writer.

Since 2004, I've LIVED The 4 Freedoms Of The "Copywriter Lifestyle" and I Want to Coach You To Professional Copywriting Success, Too.

Time Freedom: You Set Your OWN Schedule

Prior to becoming a copywriter, I had to report to an office, answer to a boss and put up with other corporate B.S. - I got tired of it FAST. Since then, I've been free to set my own schedule.

Money Freedom: You Decide When You Get a Raise

If I want to make more money, I have control over that. I improve my skills so I can charge more. Or, I expand my services... or, I upgrade my CLIENTELE so I can charge more. As a pro copywriter, you will be able to set your own fees and decide how much money you want to make!

Location Freedom: You Can Work from Anywhere

To write copy all you need is a pen and a paper! I've written on a boat in the ocean with NO internet connection. I've written from hotel rooms while vacationing in distant cities. It's great to have the FREEDOM to work anywhere. 

Future Freedom: Do Only What You Want

You get to choose who you want to work with, what projects you want to work on and even what industries. That's FUTURE freedom... meaning YOU get to decide how your future is going to look. Combined with the other 3 Freedoms you can create a brilliant future based on YOUR own desires - not someone else's.

You'll Discover How to Write Amazing Copy, How to Do It Quickly and How to Find and Close High-Dollar Clients - FAST!

6 Weeks of Lessons Detailing My Methods for Writing High-Converting Copy FAST, Getting New Leads and Closing High Dollar Deals.

You'll get my checklists, my copy creation templates for long form copy, social media ads, ppc ads, email sequences and basically EVERY type of copy you'll be asked to write.

Unless you have a steady stream of quality leads you won't make much money. And... you're going to need a way to CONVINCE those business owners to hand you checks for thousands of dollars. You'll skip the pain of lost deals and start making money sooner.

Your New Freedom Filled Life Awaits You.