Crush Your Competition With Superior Strategy

Tell me if any of this sounds familiar:

  • Fierce competition eats up profits.
  • Your prospects can’t tell the difference between you and your competitors so they demand lower prices, discounts or concessions.
  • Things which used to work no longer do.
  • Ad prices rise and rise and rise… often just about the time you think everything is going well.

If advertising seems hard then it’s almost always because you don’t have a clear point of differentiation between your offering and competitors that resonates with your prospects.

You have to be different… but not for the sake of being different… you have to be different in a way that your prospect VALUES and in a way that your competition cannot easily replicate.

That might seem difficult, maybe even impossible, but it can be done.

If you nail this everything gets easier. You can charge premium prices and the uniqueness makes your ads stand out.

Your salespeople have something TANGIBLE to discuss and it is something the OTHER guy’s sales team can’t easily counter.

My experience in working with business over the past 11+ years has allowed me to develop a process for discovering a company’s unique point of differentiation, their Unique Value Proposition.

I won’t say it’s easy. It’s rough work. But, it’s worth it. A clear point of difference can take a failing business and turn it around. It can take a mediocre business and catapult it to the highest levels.

Without it your ads will blend in with all the others. You’ll be forced to pay more and more to try to rise above the noise only to be asked for a discount when you finally get a prospect’s attention.

I can end all of that and make all of your endeavors more successful.

Here’s how it works:

We have three phone consultations. With each call I learn more about your business, your market, your customers and products.

That gives me the information I need to co-develop, with you, the Unique Value Proposition for your business. It is an iterative process of brainstorming, trying ideas out, tossing them, researching some more until we have it nailed down.

Then, we test out the variations in the market with small tests to validate we’ve nailed it.

From then on, everything you do is more profitable. Your ads will be better, your salespeople will close more, your prospect’s will be much easier to close.

Developing your Unique Value Proposition can add hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars, in future value to your company.

The program is $495.00 and you can start by paying here.

Jason Bedunah

P.S. If you have any additional questions regarding this service use the contact form to email me.