Email Copywriting: Get your emails opened, read and clicked! (=More money for you)

As you can see, I've pasted a rather weird looking gold fish on this page about email copywriting... why in the world have I done this? 

It's really quite simple...

...I use it as a reminder that the human attention span is
now slightly less than that of a gold fish!"

That means I have to do an amazing job of CAPTURING your prospect's attention quickly and keep it long enough so I can sell them your stuff!

Just imagine what would happen if I was boring... and believed we had all the time in the world to get through to someone... we'd both be broke!

Email copywriting is absolutely one of the most CRUCIAL parts of marketing. It's a way to get in front of your prospects over and over again... without having to pay Google or Facebook for it!

A well-timed, well-thought out and bold email sequence can educate your prospects, make them feel like they've known you for YEARS so they trust you like a dear, old friend... if done right...

But... if done wrong, it can be a turn-off, a nuisance, a waste of time and a LOST opportunity. (ouch!)

My name is Jason Bedunah. I've been writing copy since 2004 for some of the best direct response marketing companies in the world. I can help you create amazing email sequences that turn prospects into lifelong clients. 

But, I do have a few criteria before I'll work with a business: 

Criteria 1: You run a quality operation, honor refunds and ship on time. 

Criteria 2: You're not spending your last dime hoping and praying for a marketing miracle. While marketing often can create miracles it's best when done for a business that already has the kinks ironed out. 

Criteria 3: You can move fast and you are the primary decision maker. Nothing kills a project like layers of management, thinking, multiple required approvals and "everyone gets a say." I like to move fast, make decisions fast and get the show on the road. 

Criteria 4: Your product or service can actually do what you say it can do and you have proof. 

Criteria 5; You have a marketing budget. No matter how amazing the copy, it won't work if no one sees it. So, you've got to get some eyeballs on it. That usually means you'll already have a list, have a great traffic to your site or you have a budget to purchase traffic.