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Think back to earlier today when you first checked your email inbox.

As you sifted through did you pay more attention to the subject lines or to WHO sent you the email?

I’d be willing to bet you were at first concerned with WHO sent the email and made 80% or more of your decision to open based on that factor. After that, you read the subject line and then as long as it wasn’t something you knew you DEFINITELY didn’t want to read you went ahead and opened it.

What does this suggest in terms of strategy?

Well, first, you notice that almost all of the email advice out there focuses on subject lines and then on capturing attention through the email and then getting the click.

But… this suggests that more of your effort should be spent on defining and developing the prospect’s image of WHO is talking to them so they can connect and bond with them. This is especially important early on when prospects first come in contact with you.

We spend a ton of time developing and refining a picture of our ideal customers but, do we spend as much time asking who would they accept as most able to help them?

If that resonates with you or if I’ve at least made you think a bit more about email marketing then…

I’d Like to Invite You To The Tribe

I’m Jason Bedunah, the Curator of “Love Your List”. I’ve made a living since the early 2000s by developing and caring for small tribes of people with interests similar to my own, building trust, providing value and selling them things I knows they’ll benefit from and love.

After I got good at it, I started helping other companies with their email lists, too. One thing I learned from the get go: If you love your tribe they’ll love you back.

The Best Posts on Email Marketing Best Practices from Around The Web (with B.S. Filtered Out)

You can get the best curated blog posts on email marketing best practices in a short email digest (along with more ideas like the one I presented above) sent about once a week… occasionally more and occasionally less depending on what is going on in the blogosphere.

Either way, they will be geared towards those people who want to maximize the VALUE from their lists… both the value given and the value received in return.

Each issue highlights the highest quality blog posts that show you how to build your list (your tribe), connect with them and exchange your product or service for their money, time and attention.

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