How to Combine Surveys With Landing Page Optimization to Sell More Software

Ever feel like creating new things to test during a landing page optimization exercise is a crap shoot?

I know I often did.

I’d hear ideas like “What if we change the button to red to give the psychological impression of ACTION!”

Someone would counter, “I think the other color to test should be blue in order to keep the brand’s color scheme consistent.”

What it told me was that once you got past the headline and subheads, most marketing people struggled to offer meaningful tests.

Test The Language of the Customer, Not The Language of Marketers Trying to Act Like Customers

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But, all that was solved after I started combining the quantitative results of landing page conversion rates with the qualitative results of surveys.

By poring over surveys from customers I got all of the creative ideas to test I would ever need!

No testing red buttons versus blue buttons. Now, I could test actual phrases, angles and concepts pulled directly from customer feedback.

I switched from testing ideas from marketing people to something 10x more valuable… testing the language of the customer. Now the landing pages were talking to the customer, in the language of the customer, using their own words, phrases and angles so they GOT it and understood.

How Surveys Help Your Company Sell More Software

The result: Shortcutting the process to major improvements.

What survey? Net Promoter Score (R) is the simplest and easiest. It is only three questions (when done right) and the third question I like to ask is, “If you answered 9 or 10, what would you say to someone when recommending our service?”

This is THE most valuable question you can get answered. It will be a tremendous source of ideas, angles and language that NO MARKETER could deduce.

It can also solve mysteries. Like the one I was caught in late 2010. At that time, I was consulting with an eCommerce company that sold supplements.

They had a product that did well in their catalog and in stores but for some reason they just couldn’t get it converting well on the web. We KNEW it was converting for others so we really were in mystery about this whole thing.

I launched an NPS survey to the people who had purchased the product. Everything looked fine except a noticed a couple of comments like “too hard to read.”


I dug deeper. The product was for older people. I had someone follow up. What exactly was hard to read. The text, the bottle, the ingredients… basically everything, he said. He had to have his wife come over and read it.

Could this solve the mystery?

Not entirely. But, it did help. We did notice a boost. And, it was enough to keep the client’s interest up until we got a few more breakthroughs.

Something as simple as normal text being too hard to read for older people depressed response. And, none of us 20 and 30 year olds would’ve caught it. Ever.

But, the survey did. It also yielded us a use for the product and a major concern that none of us would’ve ever guessed.

All those coupled together provided a huge win in the LPO exercise. It is highly unlikely we could’ve “brainstormed” or “had a creative breakthrough” to get any of them on our own.

The takeaway: Run NPS Surveys on your list of customers and use the insights gained from it to create new landing pages to test during Landing Page Optimization.


Jason Bedunah

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