How to Leverage An Entire Team of Marketing Geniuses For the Cost of a Single Employee

A cracker-jack Marketing Department can get you tremendous results. I used to go into business and BUILD their entire marketing teams, often from the ground up.

There’s nothing quite as profitable as having a dedicated team that REALLY knows what it’s doing.

There’s also nothing quite as time-consuming, annoying or expensive. (Except perhaps software development – before I did marketing I turned around failing software projects for a living.)

To build a GREAT, yet basic team you’d need:
SEO Specialist- $55,000
PPC Analyst – $95,000
Copywriter – $85,000 – $120,000
Graphic Designer w/Video Skills – $55,000
Analytics Expert – $65,000
Marketing Coordinator – $35,000

Plus all their software, office space, benefits, taxes, etc…

Let’s be conservative with the above and estimate it would take $405,000 per year to get it up and running and staffed with great people. Not to mention all of the mistakes in hiring, the time spent on the search and all of the other things that go with it.

That’s just business, right? Well… yeah… but here’s the real kicker. It’s very rare that all of them would be needed full-time all the time.

Funny/Sad Story: I once trained an email programs coordinator for a large, very successful company that recently sold for over $50M. The email program exploded and was bringing in a ton of revenue. Things were great!

At one point, I went back in for another project and discovered that she only ran the email program for a couple hours of the day. The rest of the time she spent in the shipping department!

Can you imagine? Here’s someone who is moving the needle for revenue and they spend most of their day stuffing boxes! (It made sense to the manager. The email program only took a couple hours a day.)

I’m not suggesting YOU would do anything so silly but I’ve seen it quite a bit.

Anyways, the chances are slim that you need or could even properly LEVERAGE all of the talent even if you could find and hire it.

But, I can.

In fact, I do.

Day in and Day out.

I have a few key employees who know their business. We use United States Based talent pools for each project for the special efforts we need. (Another way of saying US Based Contractors).

For example, if a project we are working on requires brilliant video, I know DOZENS of great video talent from my days of building marketing teams. I can find and utilize them easily.

Need the tightest testing and tracking possible? Got it.

Need the best copy? I’ll write it… or, if I don’t think I’m the right guy I can have someone on the phone in minutes.

Here’s my point: You can have the best of both worlds in this… you can have the most amazing group of marketing hotshots working on YOUR stuff without all of the hiring, firing, managing, time and overhead… and you can have it for a fraction of the cost because you won’t be paying for the “down time” like you would with your own employees.

It’ll free up your mind and your capital to really think strategically in your business revenue and overall growth.

Here’s how it works:

We get familiar with your business goals, understand how you make money, review past advertising programs and create an initial plan. We execute that plan and you view the results via a custom dashboard (aka The Marketing Compass). Each month (or sooner if you want to) we review what has been accomplished and course correct. A good idea for the first few months is to implement the 5 Core Campaigns.

The program is a set monthly fee, no surprise charges and there is no long-term contract. If you decide to go another direction, we can wrap things up and hand them over with 45-days advance notice.

If you want to discuss just choose a time using my scheduling app.

It’s not for everyone but it can’t hurt to explore it, right?

Jason Bedunah

Jason Bedunah

Jason writes direct response copy for some of the best direct response marketers in the world since 2005. He's also spent several years building entire marketing departments for fast growing companies so he has a 360-degree view of what it takes to successfully execute winning campaigns.