The "Mystery Shopper Method" for Boosting Landing Page Results

(Actual Video of Mystery Shopping Program Below)

If you have PPC, SEO or other traffic going to a landing page and it's not quite performing how you'd like you have a few choices:

  1. You can take a bunch of WAGs (wild ass guesses), spend more money and see what happens.
  2. Hire an "expert" to take WAGs at it... spend even more money and hope they know what they're doing. (Or, ask your current agency to try harder.)
  3. Or, you can discover, straight from the mouth of your prospects what they need/want to see that would result in HUGE improvements in conversion. 

The results can sometimes be shocking.

We've discovered that even on pages doing fairly well, prospects are mystified by the landing page... they struggle to understand exactly what to do... they wish there were certain types of information or proof elements on the page that aren't there... they see a graphic or image and immediately assume the product or service is "not for them." ​(We just had another example of this happen recently when 35-45 year old mothers were turned off by images of a 20-year old beautiful model on the page). 

This means lost money and lost opportunity. 

A Mystery Shopper's Program can reveal WHAT and HOW to change things on your current landing pages to get huge boosts in results. 

Below you can watch a video of mystery shopping in action. These comments and what the mystery shopper's DO and DO NOT do gives us tons of valuable data which we can then use to increase the conversion of the landing page (or shopping cart). 

How It Works

We find out who your ideal prospect is (or you tell us). We then study the product or service, the landing page and the prospect and create a "mystery shopper" test. This is what we hope to learn from the mystery shopper's interaction with your site. 

Once we have that, we find "mystery shoppers" who meet the profile and unleash them on your site with full audio and video recording.

The first round will spur even more questions and observations. We'll tweak things and do another round. Depending on what happens, we'll launch more tests or we'll summarize ​the results and create some alternative Landing Pages for you to test based on our findings. 

If you already have a PPC or SEO agency then we'll work with them to get it implemented after we present the findings to you. ​

If you handle everything in-house we can guide you through getting the most out of your results.

​What To Do Next

The next step is to schedule a 20-minute strategy session. In this call we'll learn more about what you're trying to accomplish and help you understand if this program makes sense for you. We can answer any questions you might have as well. 

Simply click the button below and choose the best day/time for our call.