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Whether it's Facebook, Adwords, Youtube, Instagram, LinkedIn or Even Direct Mail
We Can Mastermind, Create and Manage Your Paid Lead Generation Campaigns

  • No business can survive, thrive or hit the next level without quality lead generation
  • Without an influx of qualified leads you will experience frightening dips in revenue -- and be forced to cut prices to close deals - thus giving up profit margins.
  • But, everything changes when your best story gets told to your best prospects in a convincing way. 
  • That is something we can assist you with... 

‚ÄčThis guy didn't hire us. Now his life is horrible :-) 

Hi, I'm Jason Bedunah. I've been practicing direct response marketing for over 12 years. I've helped businesses of all types and sizes compete and win in their marketplaces. 

Having a Lead Generation System is Like Having a Revenue Dial... You Want More Revenue?
Turn the Dial!

There's nothing quite like having a lead generation system that is effective, runs almost on automatic and brings in qualified prospects... day in and day out.

The problem is: Most business owners don't have the expertise on staff to do the research, brainstorming, masterminding and experience to get a lead generation system created, optimized and run consistently. 

But... Until you have SEVERAL reliable sources of leads your business is at risk! If you had only one source of leads... or, if you get leads randomly or ONLY through cold contacts by sales people, your business is simply not performing up to it's potential... and, it's in a volatile place where a dry spell in one source can put a huge crunch on cash. 

This means finding several reliable, steady sources of leads is one of the most important things you can do as a business owner. 

A Reliable Source of Quality Leads Solves So Many Common Problems, Like...

#1. The scary revenue dips. Nothing is more frightening than having deals fall through and not enough new ones coming in to make up the difference.

#2. Unable to Invest Cash. When you don't have a reliable lead source you have to become very conservative with cash. Bills have to be paid and since you have no ability to predict future revenue you have to hold on tight. This means you can't invest to grow or take advantage of opportunities quickly... this causes a death spiral for many businesses. 

#3. Getting Outspent/Outmarketed by Competitors. When you have quality leads you can convert it creates an upward positive spiral. You can pay more to acquire customers, scooping up huge numbers and preventing your competition from getting them. You can afford to test more ads, test more appeals, optimize pages and test different price points. This will lead to an eventual domination of your industry if sustained over long periods.

All of the Options Out There May Cause You to Wonder... "Where Do I Even Start?!"

We've seen hundreds of businesses and how they've created leads. We've helped them in every platform imaginable. We can help you weed through the options and come up with a sane, sustainable plan to generate leads for your business.

Here's How to Get Started

Every business is unique and needs a unique plan. 

The best way to get started is to discuss your business, your goals and your needs with someone who has seen dozens and dozens of businesses in many different industries. 

A short, 20-30 minute strategy session will allow us to cut through the THEORY and discuss the best way to get your lead generation campaigns started. 

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