Schedule Your Strategy Session

I provide a free, 20-minute strategy session for qualified business owners. There is no hard-sell. I’ve just found it easier to get on the phone and discuss things to see if there’s a fit rather than dragging things out via email.

I do my absolute best work and provide the highest value for clients who meet the following criteria:

Criteria 1: You run a quality operation, honor refunds, and ship on time. (I don’t care to be associated with sub-par or unethical operations.)

Criteria 2: You’re not spending your last dime hoping and praying for a marketing miracle. It’s too much pressure on both of us. I don’t mind people being aggressive but if this is going to be the difference between you making payroll next month or not, I suggest you wait until you have a bit more of a bankroll before embarking on projects like this.

Criteria 3: You can move fast and are the primary decision maker. Nothing kills a project like layers of management, thinking, multiple required approvals and “everyone gets a say.” I like to move fast, make decisions fast and get the show on the road.

Criteria 4: Your product or service can actually do what you say it can do and you have proof.

To book your strategy session simply click the “Schedule Strategy Session” and pick from the available time slots. You’ll get a confirmation email and a brief summary describing the types of questions I ask in case you want to do some preparation beforehand.

Jason Bedunah