Spicing Up Ads with “The 7 Deadly Sins Filter”

“The 7 Deadly Sins” Filter allows me to spice up ad copy fast.

I first saw this on a forum discussion where a super affiliate used it in his ad writing. He got it from a book called “Evil by Design: Interaction Design to Lead Us Into Temptation.”

The book shows how website designers use the 7 Deadly Sins to attract and keep users so we do need to modify it a bit for advertising.

  • Pride – show them pride of ownership, how great they’ll feel about themselves if they own it
  • Sloth – Give them the amazing benefits with little to no work
  • Gluttony – show that they’ll get more than enough, more than they deserve
  • Anger – Show how the benefit will right a wrong or punish an enemy
  • Envy – show that owning the product will make others want to be them or be like them
  • Lust – leverage their intense desire for something and show your product/service is the bridge to get them there
  • Greed – leverage their intense desire to get even more than they already have, more than anyone else

So, I added that to my repertoire of Filters to take basic headlines or copy concepts and ELECTRIFY them. The positive results were immediate.

Check out this Facebook ad.


Kinda bland, eh?

I mean technically it is an ok headline. Starting off with “How To” is always good. It calls out its audience “First-Time Author” so that’s good. But, overall it’s just bland.

I also like the pencil look of the ad because it does stand out against the other stock photo type images used on Facebook. I don’t, however, like the writing with a quill pen. Nothing screams WORK like writing with a quill pen.

I ran this ad through the “7 Deadly Sins” Filter and shipped off to a client who is in the same niche.

Consider how you’d rewrite that headline using the “7 Deadly Sins Filter” and then compare it to what I did for practice.

Ok, so how would I improve it?

Obviously, I’d try different images BUT for this “Electrify This Copy” post I am going to deal only with the headline.

Your First Book Practically Writes Itself
Make More Money as a First-Time Author
Wait Til They See YOU, A New Author
Rejected? First-Time Author Proves ’em Wrong
Rich Author Reveals ‘Get Published’ Secrets
Fame and Freedom, Publish Your First Book

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Jason Bedunah

P.S. It’s important to keep your target in mind when doing this. The ad below, which worked FANTASTIC when targeted to success-minded business owners who were MEN, totally bombed with women. Why? Who knows (kidding)… running the filter with female business owners in mind would be just as powerful, but it would look completely different.

Jason Bedunah

Jason writes direct response copy for some of the best direct response marketers in the world since 2005. He's also spent several years building entire marketing departments for fast growing companies so he has a 360-degree view of what it takes to successfully execute winning campaigns.