(For positive people who want to win)

Good to see you are still with me!

I'm about ready to wrap this up but I have a few more things you should keep in mind to know if you're a good fit for this CopyMentor Tribe.

You can't have thin skin. If you run for your "safe space" every time someone disagrees with your political views on Facebook this probably isn't for you. (Just an example, we won't be talking much politics, we'll be talking about MONEY!)

Copywriting, on a results basis, is pretty cut-throat. 

Your ego WILL get dashed. You write a BEAUTIFUL piece of copy, the biz owner rejects it. He says bad things about it and says you suck, etc.

The dumb-dumb didn't even RUN the ad to see whether it worked or not! 

But, ok, back to the drawing board (for now)...  because when you are established enough and have achieved the "Association Freedom" level you can rather swiftly refund his money and blacklist him. 

For Good.

(Better yet, you'll be able to screen those types of people out so they never get to you, kinda like I'm doing here!)

But, until then, you are going to face some ego-bruises and I can't have you sniveling in the corner every time I tell you your headline isn't going to cut it. Or, when you send something out to the market and all you get is the sound of crickets.

You just won't make it. 

The ultimate test of any piece of copy is what it did in terms of RESULTS which is free of any opinion anyway.

Even more important is a winning attitude. You have to take the bumps and bruises and setbacks and shake it off, smile and get back to work! 

You have to be one of those people who believe most people ARE good. That any situation can be improved and the future is an empty playground that you, that WE, can draw amazing LIVES on!

I really don't care to associate with pessimists, whiners or people who are victimy.

If all those things are true about you then I think you'd be a good fit. I think I could help you learn copywriting and get really good at it... good enough to achieve the Four Freedoms and to do it MUCH, MUCH faster than I did. 

You ready for the invite?

We're going to start with Lesson 1 next Tuesday!