Free Guide: How To Understand What the Hell Your Marketing Guy (or Gal) is Talking About

A quick guide to understand what your marketing person is talking about:
  • Clear, English-Language Definitions: We have created clear definitions for the most commonly used marketing lingo. "Boss, should we set-up cross-sell and upsell dynamic ad retargeting in Facebook?" 
  • Full Conceptual Knowledge: In addition to mastering the definitions, you'll get a full conceptual understanding of the material from a BUSINESS standpoint so you can make sound decisions. 
  • Discuss Options With Vendors With Full Confidence: simple, step-by-step scenarios will help you understand, discuss and negotiate with vendors so you have confidence in your marketing-related decisions.

The 18-Page Guide is Free

Who is Jason Bedunah?


Jason Bedunah owns and agency illuminato, a full-service marketing agency. He has written direct response copy since 2004, manages hundreds of thousands of dollars in ad budgets per month and has built out complete marketing departments for several fast-growing, successful companies. 


His understanding of business (as a business owner himself) and marketing has allowed him to guide other business owners through the Marketing Morass to achieve real and lasting marketing breakthroughs.


He wrote this book as a guide to help other business owners understand marketing lingo so they can make better decision. ​