Your Marketing Compass

If you’re like most business owners you have a marketing to-do list which never seems to get shorter.

You may also have a bunch of started but never finished projects. All that time, money and energy locked up in incomplete tasks, the “hoped for” ROI suspended in space along with it.compass-691006_1280 (1)

Working with business owners for as long as I have has taught me something very important: There are more marketing ideas than anyone has the staff, time or money to execute. 

Yet, there seems to be some hunger to go out and gather more. I’ve been in rooms of hundreds of business owners scribbling pages and pages of notes on all the newest marketing ideas – while the last 30 back home remain half-done or barely started.

They take the new ideas back home all excited to get things going… and, maybe they DO get a nice boost for awhile. But, again, staff gets overwhelmed, fires have to be put out and focus gets lost.

The Map

What if you had a way to evaluate all of the marketing ideas against a core principle? And, that evaluation told you:

  • Whether or not you should even pursue that idea or axe it from the list
  • The best way to approach each idea in light of your specific goals
  • In what order each should be done versus the others
  • How to make the projects into an ongoing PROCESS instead of one-shot projects
  • The best way to measure the results so you can see the true value

Once you identify this principle, you can cull the list to get it down to the core, highest impact projects.

If there are half-done projects on the list that still make sense, it’s often a great idea to wrap them up, thus releasing that suspended time/money/energy and get extra cash to fund your other “on-target” projects.

You could envision this almost like a Map, telling you what paths to take, what paths to avoid and the overall direction to your goal.

It could also be likened to an Algorithm. Once implemented, you could very easily feed new ideas, new projects, new advertising mediums into it and get an answer back, “Pursue, Yes or No?”

The end result is an ability to reject or accept new marketing project ideas to keep you moving towards the goal, without jeopardizing your other endeavors or causing everything else to grind to a halt.

The Compass

The Map (or Algorithm) will help you manage the list of projects so it remains tightly focused on what really matters.

Next, you need a Compass to tell you if things are going in the right direction.

This Compass would know your goals and record progress from all the disparate information sources into a single unified source to show you in an instant if you were on pace to hit the Goal or not.

It would point out broken marketing systems for immediate fixing. It would also show anomalies which might point out huge opportunities upon further investigation.

Example: One of our clients once saw a sudden surge of sales in a particular low-volume product. A dig into the data showed a recommendation from a speaker at a conference. An analysis was done to see if the phenomena could be repeated. Speaker outreach began and provided a six-figure per year boost once turned into a repeatable process. Without a Compass the opportunity might have been caught too late… or missed entirely.

What would your business life be like with the ability to discern the best marketing projects to pursue?

What would it be like knowing, at a glance and at any moment, how on target your current marketing initiatives were?

But, also with the freedom to think strategically several moves ahead?

The Map and Compass Program

There’s nothing on the market that can do this. It isn’t consulting, it isn’t software, it isn’t a training course… it’s actually a combination of all three which yields INSIGHT.

It is custom because it’s based on the business model and the business owner. It can be created for businesses with one product or service or many.

With a Map and a Compass in hand you’d be able to Guide and Control the business, steering it to new heights… your mind would be freed to stay on target, think longer term and push the company towards its full potential.

You’d have an increased ability to PREDICT what actions and endeavours would produce the results most in line with your ultimate Goals.

To discover if this special consulting and implementation program makes sense for you and your business you can schedule a time to discuss using this link. 

Jason Bedunah

Jason Bedunah

Jason writes direct response copy for some of the best direct response marketers in the world since 2005. He's also spent several years building entire marketing departments for fast growing companies so he has a 360-degree view of what it takes to successfully execute winning campaigns.