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Just got this email from LifeHacker. They have pretty good marketing but I still see some things I’d like to improve.

So, let’s do a little exercise. Improve this email subject line from LifeHacker… My answers are in a hidden box below. In case you can’t read it here’s what it says,

“Lifehack Daily” – Why Dating a Chinese Girl Helps You Understand a Different Culture

Screenshot 2015-11-24 11.28.11

This leads to a blog post page which is nothing more than a list of reasons why. Simple enough. It did NOT lead to an offer for a chinese dating site or mail order bride website or anything else, although it DID have ads on the page they were not targeted to this subject.

So, they must have just wanted visits with the hope you’d click on of the ads.

How would you rewrite the subject line to get even more opens and clicks? Think about it a bit and then click the bar below to see how I’d rewrite it.

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I feel like the subject line reveals too much.

There’s no curiosity there. You can read it and say, “Ah, well, I’m married” or “Ok, if I wanted to do that then I’d just get a foreign girlfriend, got it, next email”

Let’s generate some curiosity:

  1. One Sure Method For Learning About a Foreign Culture (involves kissing)
  2. Single? Immerse Yourself in a Foreign Culture without Leaving Your City Same
  3. Learn About a Foreign Culture The Fun Way (singles only)

Of course, the blog post is about Chinese Culture but a simple sentence or two at the top can mention adapting it to other cultures… I think 99% of the population can see how it could apply to other situations 🙂


How would YOU rewrite it?

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Jason Bedunah

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